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Zinnia Clavo born in Madrid, Spain on March 25 in a family of artists.
She is the second of three sisters (Petunia, Zinnia and Adelfa).

From left to right:
Zinnia, Petunia and Adelfa,
Marbella, 1967

Daughter of the multidisciplinary artist Javier Clavo and the enamel artist Angela Escribano, Zinnia lives bathed in the art world since his childhood.

Zinnia predestined
Madrid, 1962

With only 11 years Zinnia had his own style, as expected in a family environment so favourable, under the close supervision and constructive criticism of their parents.

His father Javier Clavo does not want her to do the Fine Arts. He directed her to a general knowledge career.

Javier Clavo in his studio
during a TV interview, Madrid 1965

Ángela Escribano
a modern woman, Madrid 1966.

In 1984 he finishes his degree in History of Art at the University of Fislosofía and Letters of Madrid, while continuing with his painting and his first exhibition at the Orfila Gallery in Madrid.

She was awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the prolongation studies Fine Arts, in Krakow, Poland, in collaboration with the Jagiellonski University and the Szutuk Jagiellonski Pieknv Academy.
She takes her two-year stay in Krakow to exhibit in the Studencka Gallery and the Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych.

Myszka in the chair of the studio,
Madrid 1992

Black O/C 114x146cm 1987

From that moment, Zinnia dedicates all his time to painting. His personal style is today present in all his work, showing the evolution of the ceaseless investigation required of an artist.

Red still life A/C 130/195cm 2002

She has exhibited his paintings in several galleries in Madrid ( Biosca Gallery, Fontanar Gallery, Nolde Gallery, Margarita Summers Gallery, Espalter Gallery…) as well as Bilbao, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Santander, etc., and has participa-ted in important exhibitions and awards in Poland (Studencka Gallery, Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych), France (Corianne Gallery, Château Périgny) and England (The Watercolours and Drawings Fair, Londres)...

Studio window A/C 97x130cm 2010